Social Networking and Live Entertainment Hub where users can share their daily Lifestyle via posts and live streaming, earn real money, stay entertained and connected to family & friends.

Users can Earn money by creating lively experiences.

App helps user to connect with other users and have the option to post videos, photos, articles and can view the same posted by other users. Also user will have option to for live streaming. It leads users to a revolutionary world where they can better socialize; interact with people professionally/ personally.

It helps user to share their experiences, emotions, and news or just have a conversation with a relative or loved ones. Meet/ communicate/share information, images, comment, or send messages to their connections.

Apps helps users to expand their personal and business contacts by connecting with others.

Technical Specifications

  • Platform: Android & iOS
  • Android Version: 6.0 to 11.0
  • iOS Version: iOS11, iOS12 and iOS13
  • Web Service Language: Node JS
  • Data Transport Method:  REST + JSON
  • Back End DB: MySQL
  • Local Database: Yes
  • Google Map V2: Yes
  • GCM Push Notifications: Yes
  • Social Site Integration: Yes
  • Chat(IM): Yes

Web Link: