Design is Key to a Successful Project

Every project begins with an extensive design phase. As the saying goes: “a picture speaks a thousand words.” We put a strong emphasis on this design phase, for a variety of reasons. Including

(1) It helps us to overcome the linguistic, long distance, and timezone communication challenges through clarity.

(2) It helps us to reduce longer term cost, but clearly understanding the requirements of the project.

(3) It becomes a stepping off point for all types of problem solving. It’s hard to have a complex conversation about a blank canvas, but once the brush strokes start to appear, everyone can have an informed opinion about what looks good and what doesn’t.

(4) It becomes easier to understand where users will experience confusion or ease of use.

(5) We can strive for self documenting products.

Successful Application Development Depends on Strong Designs

The design phase plays the most important role in any software development life cycle, and success of any project depends on being deliberate during this phase. We have designed 500+ apps for various industries and verticals. When you have great design you can more easily and accurately predict:



Quality / Usability

Good design also helps to minimize changes mid-development that can increase cost and complexity, and slow down the project. Catching problems early is key to great product development.

Critical Design Process Steps:

Workflow Logic Mapping / Blueprint

We develop the workflow blueprint with extreme care so that we can understand your requirements as they pertain to the core logic of the app. Much of this documentation comes from you, but is evolved by our team to put it into terms that can be codified by our software engineers.

Wireframes, Mockups and Prototypes

Wireframes Help you to visualize how the user will interact with the interfaces that will later be developed. They are typically black and white line drawings to provide basic visual understanding of workflows and functionality. Mockups take wireframes to the next level, as this is where many of the graphical elements start to take form. Prototypes , and even a “clickable demo” can help us to begin to see the workflows in more detail. They help us to identify areas of confusion and functional deficiencies in the product concept.

Implementation of Designs

We are ready to provide the visualization to designs with colors and now you get how your app look like and it make you feel that your idea has came into existence in reality.