Best in Class Software Development and Information Technology Offshore Staffing Solutions

IndiaCode is the perfect place for you to offshore all of your software development and information technology needs. We offer the “best in class” services to our clients at massive economic savings (usually 3 to 1 or more over United States equivalent).

We offer three pricing options:

(1) “Full-Time” software development or information technology staff. Paid for monthly.

(2) “As needed” software development or information technology staff. Paid for on an hourly basis.

(3) “Project based” software development or information technology staff. Based on requirements and bid on a firm fixed price basis, with change orders, as needed.

Adroit Resources or Team Available on Varied Platform

iOS App Development
Android App Development
UI/UX Design
PHP Development
Database Management
Open Source Technology
Project Management
QA Lead, QA Manager, QA Analyst
Business Analyst
Software Engineers
Technical Support

We Offer Distinctive Services

We offer a 1 week trial for you to test our skills, communication, and responsiveness. Try us out with a small task, let us prove that we can provide value.

All of our resources are fluent in English, and can communicate about and understand your project requirements through written communication (we like Slack, email, Google Docs), through video conferencing (we perform Zoom, but also use Skype, WhatsApp, or Phone). We have many years of experience working with United States, Canadian, and United Kingdom, customers.

Our normal working schedule overlaps with your morning hours in the West, so we can easily discuss project details each day. Or, we can shift our schedule even more, if needed, to have additional overlapping working hours.

In the initial 1-2 weeks of your project, we have dedicated managers who can help to manage your resources and get your project up to speed. We are here to help you achieve your software development and information technology objectives, and can guide or advise with any issues or questions that arise.

Onshore Staffing

We come from Software Engineering and Project Management backgrounds, so we always interview a candidate in a way as if its our own hire. We bring in a combined experience of four decades to cater the following key principles in IT hiring:

  • Understanding the Organization that is hiring and its clients.
  • Understanding what is needed in the skills.
  • Interviewing and finding out the perfect fit.
  • References with similar projects.
  • Validating candidate experiences.
  • Background check and work history

Diverse Options For Hiring Our Experts

Hourly Basis

We provide dedicated Resources or Team equipped with latest technologies and available for full-time communication also provide assistance and support according to your requirement and time zone decided. Our expertise works for you as if each working as your employee.

Fixed Cost/Time

Provide services in your fixed cost and time-frame and this options best suits to client having limited budgeting, time-line and basically this saves your budget at maximum. Our expertise available for 24X7 support and may communicate through various mode.

Dedicated Team

We offer exclusive service that you can hire a team of expertise at fixed cost on monthly basis for your project and will provide 360 degree support and you will have full control on our Resources/Team.