Quality Assurance (QA) plays essential part in the development of mobile applications, but many overlook the critical nature of this phase of the app development process. To ensure the success of an app, QA must be involved in all stages of development, from creating the concept, analyzing requirements and wishes, creating test specifications, testing early versions of the app, releasing the finished product and also the post-development. Our QA and testing process includes development of a formal test specification documenting each test scenario, execution of the test scenarios, documentation of any failures, and regression testing as needed. We create Mobile apps or website test plans, processes and perform testing services employing a standardized test methodology.

Mobile App Testing

iOS App Testing Key Points

  • We strictly verify adherence with UI Guidelines from Apple.
  • App must be compatible with the all OS versions (iOS 4 to latest version).
  • When multitasking, all settings and current progress of the app must be preserved when the app is minimized or when the user switches between apps.
  • You must be able to debug the app and collect logs via a USB cable connection without additional operations being performed on the device.

Android App Testing Key Points

  • The app must support running multiple apps in the background.
  • App must be compatible with the all OS versions (android 2.2 4 to latest version ).

Website Testing

  • Website Functional Testing

    Web functional test includes site navigation, external links, streaming content, images, forms submission, Ajax functionality, exception handling, state maintenance, search functionality, e-commerce transaction handling, printing web pages

  • Website Usability Testing

    Responsiveness, ease of use, caching behavior, configuration, localization.

  • Cross Browser Compatibility Testing

    Website compatibility test with different browsers, operating systems, mobile platforms, runtime modules

  • Competitive Assessment

    Head-to-head comparisons with competitors’ web sites

  • Website Test Automation

    Development of automated smoke tests for regression testing.

  • Website Load Testing

    Simulated loads using typical user interaction scenarios.

  • Mobile web clients in an on-line financial transactional environment

    Using multiple devices on live accounts, we access your mobile commerce site to verify transactions function as expected and complete successfully. Your client application can be functionally tested from end to end, and those tests can be automated for best ROI on your test investment.

Other Key Features that are Must be Taken Care
Regardless of The Device/OS

  • Input methods, devices and form factors (number pad, qwerty-keyboard, touch screen, side panel, external devices).
  • Different networks (WiFi, Edge, 3G, 4G, GSM / CDMA), including unstable networks.
  • GPS functionality
  • Energy consumption
  • Accelerometer
  • Standards Compliance mobile development (AppleHIG, Android principles)
  • External interrupts (calls, SMS, stability in the event of a shortage of disk space, installation and restoration in the background)
  • Memory cards
  • Stability after a crash
  • Using data on the device (address book, calendar).
  • Access rights apps
  • Social networks and other third-party apps
  • Interface (animations, icons, portrait/landscape orientation, Retina (for iOS), the visibility of labels, size, ease of use)
  • Time (server time/phone time, time zones)
  • Redirections (Web → app, app → Web)